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The European Society for Applied Biofeedback and Neurophysiological Procedures (in short EGBNV) has set itself the goal of bringing together experts, researchers, opinion leaders, physicians as well as therapeutic and non-therapeutic practitioners under one roof. The society has set itself the task to create national and international networks and cooperations for the benefit of the public, which aim at the advancement of affected people through suitable bio- and neuro-physiological methods.


The main focus is on the verification / validation of suitable methods and the promotion of these methods and their competent users. Through practical and professionally sound qualifications, the EGBNV strengthens the competence of its supporting and active members and helps affected persons to receive the best possible support.

The interdisciplinary advisory board of the society, in which all professions represented in the society are to be represented, continuously develops the aims, statutes and tasks of the society, taking into account the purpose given in the statutes themselves. In this way, the EGBNV strengthens the individual user and researcher as well as the underlying topics and procedures across the board - nationally and internationally.

Warum Mitglied werden?
Antrag auf Mitgliedschaft

Application for membership

The EGBNV is an internationally supported society. The aim is to establish national specialist groups in most European countries in order to facilitate a truly interdisciplinary exchange at eye level across national and professional borders.

If you would like to join the EGBNV, please fill out the membership application form which can be downloaded below and send it - understandable with your signature

- to the EGBNV office. We look forward to working with you!!

Below you will find the current statutes as well as the valid contribution regulations of the Society.


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EGBNV - Office

Obernstraße 25

31655 Stadthagen

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Phone: 0151 - 5742 0333


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