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Trainings & Education

Trainings and Education

High quality education and training

The EGBNV attaches great importance to qualified, interesting and practical training courses that help the participants to progress.

Therefore we recommend here organizers of suitable further training courses, which fully meet these requirements.

In the respective offers you will find events on different topics. Some of the events are held in languages other than GERMAN. Nevertheless - if you are fluent in the respective language - you will certainly receive a good overall package.

Erwachsene Studenten
We can recommend courses at the following events:
  • support association PSYGA (Rastatt)

  • MediTECH Electronic GmbH (Region Hannover)

  • Forum Neurointegration (Bevenais - Frankreich)

  • Biomed Centrum Rehabilitacji Poznawczej i Neuroterapii (Breslau - Polen)

  • Biofeedback Foundation of Europe



Here you will find an overview of training courses certified by the EGBNV.


Are you also interested in a cooperation with the EGBNV? Then please contact us! 

Bio-/Neurofeedback-Trainer according to EGBNV:


according to EGBNV:


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